It is already a few weeks ago that we joined a tea cocktail workshop with Sven Vandevenne (IG blackdragontc) and Teacoach Ken (IG teacoach.ken) whom you might know from his book Tea is Sexy. 

I met Sven during my travel to China, Sven is very passionate about tasteful ingredients and about the processing, how to get the best out. Using unique taste profiles is really Sven’s ‘cup of tea’. So no surprise that Sven makes great combinations by use of tea in cocktails, he can be consulted on the topic, but fortunately, he also facilitates workshops. And we were invited.

Worth the waiting

With all virus measures and restrictions (as you can see, sanitizing gel at the first table), we had to wait till July to join Sven for a tea cocktail workshop. It was worth the waiting, Sven told about the world of taste, distilling, tea and cocktails. Sven started with asking our favorite scents and let us smell different ingredients. Not easy to recognize, as we had to do it ‘blind’.

Sven made several infusions with tea and taught us how to prepare cocktails, he made some classics with a twist and let us try his own creations, whereas bartender Freya (@premiumspirits_) could show her cocktail shaking & pouring skills, tea coach Ken made us nice in-betweens (drinks and bites). We were happy to stay for the night in the neighborhood, as most of our drinks contained alcohol.

All in all a great and inspiring evening, It took me some time to think of good combinations to make at home, in sense of tea & cocktails. I decided to give it a go with a Darjeeling 2019 Autumn Flush, as I expect this full-bodied tea to still stand when combined with alcohol and ice once ready!

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DIY Tea syrup

So today, I made a sugar syrup, and added the tea, syrup is a 1:1 syrup (1 part water, 1 part sugar, so, equal parts in sense of weight). And I used approximately double amount of tea that I would have used for 600 ml of water.

My recipe:

  • 300 ml water,
  • 300 g sugar and
  • 9 g of tea (Darjeeling autumn flush)

Heat water and sugar to the boil and stir until sugar is fully dissolved, then I let it cool down a bit.

Add tea after temperature dropped to 70 degrees Celsius (in this case, I wanted to be sure not to overheat the tea)

Pour it in a glass container that can be closed well, and store at a cool & dark place.

It all has to infuse. I might find out this syrup will get quite strong, but I rather dilute it, than having a weak taste… I will let it stand for a week. To fully infuse.

Patience now, and a cup of tea, hot tea for now, but served in a tumbler, I like how it looks, and it’s a good quantity of tea.

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