I have been interested in tea ever since I can remember. My great-grandmother had lovely tea tins and caddies, I remember as a child, opening them and sniffing. Sipping tea from delicate porcelain cup & saucer. No idea about tea, but fascinated anyway. Over 3 decades later, I had to evaluate a Ceylon tea and all of a sudden I was back in great-grandmother’s living room, experiencing the nicest Orange Pekoe I ever tasted. Loaded with memories.

Over these decades I explored the world of tea, in tea bags, loose leaf tea, herbal infusions, everything I could lay my hand on. In my jobs in food industry I specialized more and more in herbal infusions and tea. I followed courses, specific training and visited several tea processing facilities. And I drank loads of tea, for product development, blending, sensorial evaluations, and for fun of course. As it is still – by far- my favorite drink.

As I love to know where products come from, over time I asked myself, how does tea grow? How is it harvested? How is tea processed? Where does tea grow? What are the needs of the tea plant? Can I grow my own?

Over the years I grew herbs in my own garden and even started to grow a few tea plants. And I traveled to places where those herbs and tea plants grow. Being in the origin, all started to unfold. What a beauty lies within tea. The history, legends and stories, pioneers and planters, hard work and romance, craftsmanship in the families since generations, father to son, mother to daughter. Resulting in great teas. Unique products and experiences. Those I want to share with you.

I am based in the Netherlands and work together with a team of tea lovers, we guarantee high quality teas and buy directly from the origin.

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