On our walk through the old Dutch Fort, we feel like we are back in history. Such an old place, first build in 1588. The Fort is an easy area, broader and smaller roads, big houses build from stone, nice restaurants and shops. Walking paths along the sea side. The place where people live who can afford and where the tourists go.


People here start to talk to us, about the devastating Tsunami in 2004. This area was hit badly and flooded, people here tell us about family, children who got injured, or drowned. About losing their houses. All the water, the damage. And then they proudly continue, that this fortress, been there since centuries, was only damaged with one hole. And because hardly any water came through, the Fortress and inside had stayed untouched

Sir Lanka Galle - safe in the fort

English breakfast & tea

Colonial atmosphere is here everywhere around. We find ourselves a place for breakfast, on a nice veranda, with view over the walled garden. This all is so stunning beautiful. A small pool in the middle, made with stone tiles in shades of green, grey and metal. Huge vases with fresh flowers everywhere.

 Then our breakfast arrives. Probably heritage of history and tourist influences. It’s a typical English breakfast, with toast and eggs, butter and jams. And a big tea pot of Ceylon tea. Served with milk, of course. We enjoy. Such a peaceful place

Sri Lanka Galle - english breakfast and tea