Limited Edition Loose Leaf Tea

On our travels we often come across beautiful limited available teas, proudly made by skilled people, often from generations of tea makers. These unique loose leaf teas can be from just one teafield or garden. They are a rare specialty and hard to find in the Western world, where tea bags and mass production products rule.
We don’t buy big quantities, we don’t blend. We want to offer you the full and real experience of high quality single origin loose leaf teas, garden fresh directly from the origin. So, yes, our teas run out. What is available today, can be gone tomorrow.
A tea from the same place can differ from season to season. Unique characteristics from harvest to harvest. It is likely there will be similarities, but each harvest will have its unique character. The tea plant grows in nature, follows the seasons and will develop it’s own flavour. Not according to our wishes and specifications, but as nature intended.
Our limited editions loose leaf tea will be different. And that is exactly what makes them so special and precious.

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