Darjeeling Single Estate Balasun Second Flush 2020


Darjeeling Single Estate Balasun Second Flush 2020


Darjeeling Single Estate Balasun Second Fush is the famous second flush from Balasun Estate in Darjeeling.

Darjeeling tea region is situated in India, at the south side of the Himalayas. Second flush Darjeeling is a famous flush, generally with more intensity in taste than first flush pickings.

Balasun Estate
Is well known for the characteristic Muscatel ‘clonal’ teas, leaves are picked from tea plants known to develop the particular and well appreciated flavour.

Second flush picking season
Spring 2020 has been a hard season in India, with a total lock down due to Corona virus in March, at the top of the first flush picking season. After 3 weeks lock down. Pruning and picking for 2nd flush could start again on a limited scale. We are glad to offer you this great quality tea.

Brewing & characteristics
Darjeeling teas are very delicate and can best be brewed at 80-90 degrees Celsius. Waking up the leaves is recommended for release of the full flavor.
The brew is bright, gold coloured with natural characteristic muscatel flavour. Compared to first flush, second flush has a stronger body and intenser taste.

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2nd Flush 2020

Available sizes

large 100g, regular 45g, sampler 7g