It was some years ago – Christmas time, that we decided to go to a Christmas market in Emden, north of Germany. We stayed with family in north of the Netherlands during winter holidays and Emden seemed a nice daytrip. It was a sunny day and we left on time, so we were in Emden end of the morning.

We walked around in the city centre and around the harbour, it was midwinter, a nice day, we were surprised there was hardly anyone in the streets. We sat down in a restaurant for lunch and ordered some traditional German dishes.

We had not realised that it was a Saturday and in Germany on Saturdays shops are often closed in the afternoon. The Christmas market was very small and hardly any of the stalls was open. So we had to find entertainment in town. Between all closing shops we found a small shop, with souvenirs and tea, which kept doors open.

We entered the shop and were welcomed by a very friendly shop owner. We bought some tea, and had a talk with him, he told us about the local traditional ‘Ostfriesentee’ a local speciality as this area of Germany is called Ost Friesland.

(picture shows a bottle Rolf Aurich tea liquor)

Homemade tea liquors

At home we drank the tea liquor, and together with my son, we tried to make an own version using the new bought tea. And yes, we did well, our first attempt was already good, later liquors only got better. My son makes it every now and then. Also as a personal gift for friends and family. Cheers!